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Secret Codes

The Secret Code for an item is its private and unique identifier which only the owner knows. It is physically attached or printed to the item but should never be made public. For example, in a pair of Hiut Denim jeans, it is written inside, where only the owner will see it. The Secret Code can then be used by the owner to claim their item.

The Secret Code isn’t the same as the ID used in URLs (like ). While these are also unique to each item, and can’t be changed, they are public. Their only use is to provide unique, un-changing URLs.


Once you've claimed an item you can post photos of it to Flickr or Instagram, or refer to it on Twitter. So that we know which photos and tweets refer to which item, each one has a Hashtag assigned to it. You can choose what you want this to be so you can remember it.

For example, when our friend Jon claimed his pair of jeans, he set their Hashtag to “HT” (short and sweet!). He then linked his Twitter account with his HistoryTag account, and whenever he includes “#HT” in a tweet

Twitter screenshot

…it appears on his jeans’ page.

Jon also linked his Flickr account with his HistoryTag account and whenever he uploads a photo of his jeans to Flickr he adds “HT” as a tag on the photo

Flickr screenshot

…and the photo soon appears on

You can choose anything you like for your jeans’ Hashtag, so long as it’s only letters and numbers.

Note that while on Twitter and Instagram hashtags have a “#” (a “hash” or a “pound” or, if you’re being picky, an “octothorpe”) tags on Flickr don’t.

How can I use HistoryTag on the things I make?

We have some more information for manufacturers.