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Fantastically delightful packaging @hiutdenim - shame about the contents. I feel let down. It's taken a wait of seven months (yes, seven months) and two failed attempts to get this far ... And now I'm deflated. I was hoping this would be the eighth pair of Hiut Denim I've purchased for my wife and I but, sadly, these non-returnable jeans will have to be returned as they are just not what I ordered. I think it's time for a refund. And if I'd known this long-awaited second attempt would also be wrong, I would've ordered another pair of Hack@ stretch selvedge from the recent short run instead. But it's too late now. Oh well. They say good things come to those who wait. But maybe not in this case. Out of a suit or running shorts, I pretty much only wear Hiut Denim on my legs these days - but now I can feel myself straying from the path. I've started looking at other brands. I feel soiled and dirty - but unfortunately not in the usual #NoWashClub sense. Who knows to where this weighty, guilt laden feeling of brand-defection will lead? Help me, Hiut-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope ... #hiut #hiutslim #hiutslimHersNowHis #hiutdenim taken by Sean Field

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