Holy Sex: Fascinating Rituals in Religious History

A judge in Delhi welcomed 2014 in the old fashioned way—by issuing a statement about premarital sex. The act is, he said, “not only immoral, but also against the tenets of… every religion in the world.” Over the last two thousand years, this judge’s views have been supported time and time again. From cults of virginity to the stoning of adulterers, the religions of the modern world have made sex a virtue mainly by the act of omission.

But were ancient religions really as fixated on abstinence as their modern descendants? As it turns out, thirty thousand years of human history is a long time to maintain unchanging views of sexuality. The Delhi judge may be surprised to find many religious views on sex today are largely a modern phenomenon—and in many cases extra-marital sex was not just allowed, but even required, as a proof of spiritual devotion.

Here’s a list of five fascinating sexual rituals once as commonplace as praying to Mecca or trimming the tree for Christmas.

1. It was sinful not to have sex.

In ancient Babylon, Greek historian Herodotus wrote accounts of a form of worship of the goddess Aphrodite that compelled a woman, once in her lifetime, to offer herself up to a stranger. The ritual would proceed as follows: the woman would arrive at the temple and wait for the first man to cast a coin into her lap (the amount was irrelevant) and speak the sacred words. Whoever the man was—whether King or Shepherd, young or old, she would be obligated to have sex with him. Refusing was a sin, and the money given to her was holy and remitted to the temple. Because of this, back then, it was popular for women to strengthen pelvic using yoni through yoga.

Author Mary Renault gives life and poignancy to this custom in her iconic book, The King Must Die: A Novel, a retelling of the Theseus myth.

2. The way to cement Kingship was through love, not war.

There are many popular coronation ceremonies, but would you believe a public display of sex was once one of them? In ancient Sumeria, a young king was expected to show that his relationship with the goddess was strong by bedding her chief priestess in full view of his subjects. The eager audience rejoiced if it appeared the coupling was a successful one – it would mean good crops and prosperity ahead.

This ritual was also the source of much of the oldest erotic poetry.

3. Being pregnant at the wedding didn’t cause the lady guests to clutch their pearls in shock.

It turns out in 12th century Great Britain, cohabiting before marriage was so common it was the norm, rather than the exception, for a bride to be pregnant on her wedding day. In fact, families in the Middle Ages were so concerned with carrying on the bloodline that (in a seemingly modern twist) they encouraged cohabitation during the engagement period to ensure the lady was able to conceive. The wedding was concluded only when the bride was visibly pregnant. In later centuries, the Catholic Church changed its views and began to combat the practice, but it was not fully stamped out until The Marriage Act of 1753.

4. Men ran around whipping women with leather thongs to promote good luck and fertility.

Today, people prepare for February 14th (Valentine’s Day) by buying flowers and making dinner reservations. However, the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia taking place on February 15th (which survived until the 5th century B.C., and to this day, variants remain alive and kicking in the former Czechoslovakia) involved a different kind of celebration of love and fertility. Held in honor of Lupa, the mythological wolf who was believed to have suckled Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, the festival was a celebration of spring and release of good luck and fertility in the coming year. Naked youths and magistrates ran through the streets, striking (the often willing) women who lined up for the rite regardless of their current state: those who were barren hoped the blows would render them fertile, those already pregnant hoped for an easy and safe delivery.

5. At Bacchanlia, sex and politics were expected to mix.

Today we think of Bacchanals as cheesy, Greek-themed parties hosted by college frats. But in ancient Greece, the celebrations in honor of Bacchus, God of wine and ecstasy, were popular and subversive events that evolved into such hotbeds of political conspiracy that they were eventually banned. The early incarnations of these celebrations were open only to women and created an opportunity for a powerful female priesthood. A historian writing about the rites describes them as licentious, drunken revels where different sects of society freely intermixed.

This paper, by historian Matthias Riedl, delves into the fascinating political history of the practice—as it turns out, the suppression of the Bacchanals has claim to fame as the first major religious persecution in Europe.

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Pleasure, Procreation, and Punishment: Shocking Facts about Sex and Marriage in the Ancient World

Much of what is considered normal in the present day might have been seen as shocking in the past and vice versa. This idea applies to many of the aspects of daily life, including customs related to sex and marriage. The following is a series of surprising facts about sexual and marital life in the ancient world.

Honey and Pepper to Increase Pleasure

Ancient Greeks had a number of concoctions meant to enhance sexual performance. One of them was meant to cause a lasting erection and it involved smearing the penis with a mix of honey and crushed pepper.

Another Greek text suggested: “ Grind the ashes left after burning a deer’s tail, and then make a paste of the powder by adding wine ”. By smearing the penis with this mixture, the desire to have sex would have supposedly been enhanced.

The Greeks also used an unknown Indian plant which was said to cause powerful erections after rubbing it on the genitals. Some Greek men claimed that under the influence of this plant they achieved sexual climax up to 12 times, while some Indians claimed that they climaxed 70 times. In order to cancel the effects of these potions, individuals would apparently pour olive oil onto the genitals.

Arranging a Marriage at the Auction and the Importance of Virginity

Although arranged marriages are an accepted cultural practice for some cultures today, it is worth noting some of the ways ancients went about this practice as well. For example, arranged marriages were a common practice in Ancient Mesopotamia and the union took the form of a legal contract between two families. Also, the couples never met before the marriage ceremony.

In Sumer and Babylonia, marriage was simply viewed as a way to ensure procreation, therefore as an enforcer of the continuity and harmony of society. It had nothing to do with the personal happiness of the couple involved. Romans also practiced marriage arrangements.

In his “Histories”, Herodotus spoke of the existence of marriage markets where young women were sold to men looking for a wife. This happened once a year in the villages of ancient Babylon. At these “bride auctions” many young women who were eligible for marriage were gathered in front of a group of men seeking a wife. Each of the women were sold to the highest bidder. Rich men competed for the most beautiful of the young women and the ugliest women were handed over to the commoners – who could not bid on the beautiful ones.

In the ancient times, the rules of marriage were a lot stricter for women. In ancient Israel, for example, women had to be virgins before marriage. On the other hand, men were not expected to be virgins when they became husbands. Also, if a man accused his wife of not being a virgin at the time of marriage, she faced the risk of being stoned to death. If the charges were disproved, the man was only flogged or forced to pay a fee for his wrongful accusation.

Prostitution Practices to Appease the Gods

Male prostitution was widely accepted in Greek and Roman societies. In Athens, the income of both male and female prostitutes was subject to taxation. Therefore, the activity was actually regulated by the state.

When it came to male prostitutes, the majority of the clients were also male. Still, even though male prostitution was legal, a man performing services for a fee would have his civil rights removed. He was banned from many aspects of public life and could not serve as a magistrate nor was he allowed to speak in the assembly. As a result, the majority of male prostitutes were slaves or foreign residents.

In ancient Babylon, there was a custom that all women had to perform a sacred duty to the goddess Mylitta. This was a form of sacred prostitution involving the woman going to the sacred temple of the goddess and having intercourse with a stranger in exchange for a fee. In his “ Histories”, Herodotus describes how women “are continually entering and leaving this place. Whenever a woman comes here and sits down, she may not return home until one of the strangers has tossed silver into her lap and has had intercourse with her outside the sanctuary”.

The earnings were dedicated to the goddess and, while beautiful women were done with their obligation quite quickly, less attractive women had to wait longer, sometimes even years.

Some cities of ancient Rome had statues of the god Priapus with an erect penis. These statues were placed in market gardens in order to discourage trespassing. The god was said to inflict intruders with severe sexual punishments – be they women, men, or young boys.

‘Til Death Do You Part…

In ancient Mesopotamia, Hammurabi’s Code regarded adultery as a crime punishable by death. In Rome, the Julian Law on adultery stated that a woman caught in infidelity could be killed – and it was her father who made the decision. In Athens, adultery was a serious offense that was originally punishable by death. Later on, killing the adulterer was replaced with fines and public humiliation.

In ancient India, there was a practice called “sati”. This was based on the belief that a widow was not entitled to move on with her life after her husband had passed away. Therefore, the widow had to jump on her dead husband’s pyre (funeral fire) and be burned alive. In another version of the same practice, the widow was buried alive next to the corpse of her deceased husband.


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The 7 Weirdest Sex Stories of the Ancient World

“Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians had erotic preferences and sexual taboos we’ve seldom heard about,” says California author and historical detective Vicki León in her new book The Joy of Sexus: Lust, Love, & Longing in the Ancient World. Her book’s topics range from orgasm to the long-ago fear of hermaphrodites, from circumcision to the wide acceptance of a variety of gay relationships. With Tip Sheet, she shared some carnal curiosities and extraordinary stories of sex and love, encountered while researching The Joy of Sexus.

1. Most sexually twisted ruler: Emperor Nero? Or Caligula? Mere runners-up. Emperor Tiberius (reigned A.D. 4 – 37) holds that dubious honor. According to his biographer Suetonius, in later life, Tiberius built himself a porn central on Capri. There, youngsters performed elaborate daisy-chains of sexual acts, the emperor by turns voyeur and participant. Even grosser activities took place in his bathing pools, where toddlers were trained to nibble and fellate him underwater. The old perv called them “his little fishes.”

2. Wandering wombs and other private parts: Relaxed about nudity, Greeks and Romans adored the human form. where Greeks especially admired beautiful buttocks, male and female; gorgeous rear ends even had their own goddess cult. Nevertheless, no one tinkered with human bodies after death. Result of this taboo? Human anatomy, largely unexplored, was guesswork.

One of the most bizarre beliefs held that women’s wombs vagabonded about the body, causing hysteria. Thus, doctors applied bad smells and loud noises to scare wombs back into position. Medicos (and intimidated husbands) also had dire opinions about the female clitoris. Diminutive was dandy; anything larger called for (gulp) surgery.

3. The curious role of kissing: Male-female public kissing was frowned upon among Greek and Roman aristocrats, although husbands did routinely kiss their wives upon returning home after a hard night of male partying. Their goal? (Female) wine detection, not affection. But kissing’s innocent pleasures really lost popularity after the bathroom habits of Roman citizens from Spain became common knowledge: a great many brushed their teeth with human urine.

4. The popularity index of anal sex: Few towns win infamy by giving their names to a class-A felony. In Biblical times, a burg we know as Sodom near the Dead Sea did just that. As told in Genesis 19: 5-8, God was fed up, about to destroy it and neighbor cities when Abraham pointed out some decent folks worth saving–his own nephew Lot and family. God sent two male angels down to investigate, who immediately attracted a large mob of sodomy-loving locals. To “protect” his angelic guests, Lot threw his two young daughters to the mob, adding, “They’re virgins, too!” At that point, God had had it with Sodom–and you know the rest.

In later Greco-Roman times, sodomy lost its standing as an abomination. Called pedico, it was practiced by men and women, the latter largely for contraception. When it came to adultery, however, the law took the practice of pedico in another direction: the guilty party could be sodomized by the injured party. Or, if he chose a stand-in, with a large radish!

5. Erotic salads, pro and con: To maintain their manly wellbeing, males around the ancient Med had to watch what they ate. The Greeks believed that anti-aphrodisiac lettuce instantly withered an erection. In Egypt, men were equally certain that lascivious lettuce gave their organs vim and vigor, serving romaine at their orgiastic festivals for the fertility god Min. Romans and Greeks also put their aphrodisiac faith in other vegetables, from tubers to a remedy called “the deadly carrot.” When salad supplies ran low, olive oil (with or without herbal additives) was the everyday erotic helper–applied topically by female partners.

6. Gladiators’ sex lives: Since 3 out of 4 were slaves, you’d think gladiators had few opportunities. But they were hit on by female groupies from all walks of life, as the hard-breathing graffiti still visible in Pompeii show.

Not all gladiators were enslaved. Meet history’s most deranged fighter: a wingnut named Commodus, who preferred gladiating to being emperor. Although athletic, he cheated extensively–slaughtering countless bears, lions, and humans from a terrace above the sands of the arena. In his spare time, Commodus dutifully pursued sexual degradation, trying to outdo feats by earlier rulers.

His parents, Faustina and Emperor Marcus Aurelius, also faced a gladiator dilemma. She became aroused over one combatant; after confessing her passion to her husband, he consulted with soothsayers. Their solution? Faustina was ordered to have sex with the gladiator in question, who would then be murdered while on top of her. Afterwards, she was obliged to bathe in his blood, do a quick cleanup, and then make love to her husband Marcus.

7. Most long-ago men and women believed in a joyous polysexuality, one where lust, love, and longing were fluid, and not always confined to one gender. Such as the bittersweet story of a love triangle made in heaven. Like other royal matches, Sabina and Hadrian had an arranged marriage. The empress traveled with Emperor Hadrian on his years-long circuits of the sprawling Roman Empire. Although he dallied with women and men alike outside the marriage bed, they treated each other with courtesy.

Near his 50th year, Hadrian met his true love: Antinoos, a sultry, teenaged nobody from Bithynia. They became inseparable; and Sabina, their unwilling witness. On yet another grand tour, they reached Egypt in A.D. 130. One October evening, the 18-year-old disappeared. After a frantic search on land and in the waters of the Nile, Hadrian went berserk with grief. Neither the body nor the motive was ever discovered.

Within weeks, he deified the boy, turning his lost love into a god. Hadrian founded in a city in his name, had thousands of statues made of Antinoos, and ordered his worship throughout the empire.

As if to make amends, a few years later Hadrian also deified Sabina when she died, making his longsuffering empress into a goddess. But his apotheosis of a commoner, a sexual playmate, was a first. Today, the museums of our world are still crowded with statues and busts of that beautiful lost boy, often misidentified as Ganymede or Dionysus.

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Crazy Sex Practices Throughout History

Birds do it, bees do it…  Human beings have been doing it since the beginning of time.  We’re talking about sex, bay-bee.  Here are some of the craziest sex practices throughout history.

Impotency as a means of divorce. It was hard to break up a marriage in the old days. In fact, King Henry started that whole English Reformation thing to try to worm his way out of a marriage. In France during the Middle Ages, there was one thing the courts would consider in cases of divorce: Impotence. Men had to “stand at attention” in front a tribunal of clergy, doctors and the court. They would then be forced to ejaculate to the court’s satisfaction.

Dill dough… Dildo. While dildos have been used since the beginning of time, they did not receive the name “dildo” until the Renaissance. During this period, dildos were thin loafs of bread seasoned with dill… Hence the name, “dill dough.”

A devoted eunuch. Eunuchs focus their energy and devotion in the service of the person who has them neutered. One of the most famous sea captains in the world, Zheng He, was a eunuch. Being a eunuch allowed him to become a great captain, he believed. Many other men believed that becoming eunuchs would enrich their lives as well.

Manhunt… Literally. Island girls from the islands that dot the Pacific Rim have a unique custom of hunting men for sex. Yup. You read that correctly.

Don’t get emotional. Courtly love, as it was called, was the practice of men who were forbidden to openly show their affection for their one true love. Instead, they went to war and oftentimes died for this supposed love.

Hōnen Matsuri. In Japan, every year on March 15th, men struggle and fight for the honor of carrying a 15-foot penis throughout the town of Komaki for their annual Hōnen Matsuri festival. The Hōnen Matsuri festival celebrates the power of the phallus and hopes that it will grant fertility for the crops and fields.

Nazi sex dolls. During World War II, soldiers engaged in a lot of sex with prostitutes and acquired sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis. It was a huge problem. In order to combat infections, Hitler had blow-up sex dolls made. They sported blonde bobs and aided in the STD problem the Germans were facing.

Cleopatra was a freak! Cleopatra had a dildo fashioned after Caesar’s penis and had it casted in gold. Well, if anything, she was a fancy freak.

Celibacy or power? Celibacy was a big deal once upon a time… King Philippe of France disemboweled several of his knights to keep his bloodline pure once he got wind that his daughters were frolicking about the knight’s chambers at night…

Sexual energy. Nikola Tesla was a firm believer that sexual energy was just like electricity and should be conserved and used in the service of humanity, for the greater good. Still, no sex-powered cars roaming the streets. One day!

The Wayuu people of Colombia. In Colombia, when a young Guajiro woman (the region of Colombia in which the Wayuu people inhabit) trips a boy during a ceremonial dance, she must have sex with him. This puts a new twist on the idea of a Sadie Hawkins dance.

Masturbate like an Egyptian. Semen and ejaculating was seen as a symbol for creation to Egyptians. During a festival where they honored the god Min, the men would openly masturbate in public. Egyptians also believed that the flow of the Nile River was the result of the god Atum ejaculating into the banks.

Government funded banging. The government of Holland has been known to provide their employees with a monthly stipend to visit prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Socialized prostitution? You betcha.

Sexual prohibition. During Medieval times, the church wanted to control sex in the name of God. If you read some of these old prohibitions, however, you will notice that they read in an almost pornographic manner… Probably because everyone (even theologians) were all horned up from not having any god damn sex.

Kamasutra is a Kama-copy cat. The famous book is believed to have been taken by Lakshmana temple carvings in the Kajuraho temple, located in central India. These carvings show men, women and animals engaging in an array of sexual gymnastics that would send anyone to the hospital in today’s day-and-age.

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Touch of Mythology: The unique way of Greek myth’s Amazons and their reproduction process

Who Were the Amazons?

So, who were these mysterious figures? Well, Amazons were a warrior society in Greek mythology. Interestingly enough, this entire nation consisted of only women. And the queen of these mighty female warriors was called Hippolyte. 


Under the leadership of their queen, Amazons conquered many places. From Scythia to Egypt, and everywhere in-between, they were some of the fiercest fighters. However, conquering wasn’t their only prowess. These mighty women also founded cities, such as Ephesos and Cyme, among others. 


They lived by the city of Themiscyra by the Black Sea. Which was a mysterious part of the world to the Greeks. In their mythology, Amazons were the daughters of the god of war, Ares himself. Naturally, that explains why they were so renowned for their courage and their battle skills. 


An interesting thing about the Amazons is that they might have actually existed. Well, sort of. In the dry, grassy plains of Eurasian steppes, archaeologists found lavish burial sites, many of which belonged to female warriors. 


These burial sites can be connected to the Scythians, Hittites, and Sarmatians. These people resided in the area and were known for their horse-riding. So, these mighty female warriors who rode their horses through the steppes might have been the inspiration for the myth of Amazons!

What’s Unusual About Their Reproduction?

At this point, you might be wondering how the Amazons managed to reproduce? After all, their nation was made up of only women, right? Well, they had their ways! 


While there were no men in their own nation, there were many of them in the neighboring tribe, the Gargareans, who were visited by the Amazons annually for reproduction purposes. Some stories also speak of them raiding ships and finding men there. Or copulating with prisoners of war. This made their method of reproduction in Greek myth rather unique. 


To make sure their nation consisted of only women, the Amazons would only keep the female children. Male babies would be returned to their fathers or, on some occasions, killed or left to the elements. 


There is another reason why the reproduction and lifestyle of the Amazons were unusual in the context of Greek mythology. Mainly, it is because by doing what they did, they took on traditionally masculine roles. In Greece and many surrounding nations, conquering and pillaging were largely left to men. It was also usually men who sought out women, not the other way around. However, the Amazons had their dime turned on those ideas. 

Why Amazons Follow These Procedures

But what was the reason for the Amazons to follow such ways? Why did they choose to reproduce in such an unusual manner? Well, their ways of reproduction were closely tied to their cultural norms and beliefs. They had critical views of marriage. In their society, marrying a man was equivalent to being enslaved. 


Yet, seeing the need for reproduction, they did not have qualms about sexual intercourse with men, understanding that it was for the purpose of maintaining their tribe. However, anything more than that was out of the question. 


But problems and outliers would still come up. Certain historical sources claimed that Amazon women would often have intimate relationships with Scythian men. These relationships differed from the ones accepted in their society. You know, since they weren’t only for breeding purposes. 


Promiscuity is another problem that comes up when talking about the reproduction and sexuality of Amazons. Greek myths usually depict them as promiscuous because of their ways. This is, again, because of how unusually their society functioned. Regardless of any problems that would come up, they always stuck to their ideas and norms. To the Amazons, maintaining their society was of utmost importance.

The Sons of Themyscira

Who were the sons of Themyscira? Isn’t Themyscira the city of Amazons, the mighty female warriors? Well, remember when we mentioned how Amazons dealt with male children? The sons of Themyscira were the male babies that the Amazons abandoned at birth. 


The story of the sons of Themyscira is more explored in some of the volumes of the DC comic series Wonder Woman. According to the story, the Greek God Hephaestus makes a deal with the Amazons in order to spare the boys from their fate. In return for the boys, he forges weapons for the female warriors. Under his protection, the sons of Themyscira live together as blacksmiths.


Further into the story, the sons of Themyscira get killed by some of the Amazon warriors. In return, the warriors who participated in the massacre are sentenced to work for Hephaestus. 


After this, Diana (Wonder Woman herself) and the other Amazons all have a mutual agreement. That is, from then on, male children would not be excluded from their society. 

Does It Make a Conflict Between Men and Women?

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that the Amazons’ reproduction and ways of life created conflict. Namely, a conflict between men and women. 


Greek mythology had its similarities with the realities of Greek society. After all, art imitates life. And well, mythology can be a form of artistic expression.


Greeks projected their ideas of society and culture onto their myths. One of these ideas was the role of women in society. The ruthless and conquering female warriors didn’t quite fit this idea.


That is why they’re often depicted negatively in these myths. They’re admired for their beauty and courage. But also condemned for opposing Greek ideals. Such as female gender roles, marriage, as well as typically female behavior. As we said, that didn’t really include going around, conquering lands, slaying men, and being promiscuous. 


The depiction of Amazons in mythology was a way to show an antithesis of a Greek woman. Perhaps it was a propaganda tool. Possibly a critique of the ‘wrong’ kind of woman. A cautionary tale. Or maybe they really did come into contact with Hittite female warriors and used them as inspiration. 


Whatever it was, it shows a conflict between men and women. A sort of disagreement that has been going on for a while. So, perhaps this entire myth is a byproduct of such a dispute.

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Why are butt plugs trending now?

A few decades ago, anal play used to be a huge taboo. Recently, we’ve become more open-minded and sexually liberated. Facials, deepthroating, hardcore anal sex, and similar kinks have made their way into the mainstream. They have become everyday activities in the sex lives of tons of younger and older people. So, where do butt plugs fit in? Why are butt plugs trending right now? 

Check out our answers to some of the most popular questions about butt plugs! We’ll show you why you should consider popping one of these naughty anal sex toys inside your booty!

Reasons behind the use of butt plugs 

Firstly, anal plugs work as intended: they plug your asshole to give you pleasure. They stimulate the sensitive nerves in and around the whole area. What’s more, any person who has an anus can use them for pleasure regardless of sexual orientation, genitalia, or gender! But let’s plunge deeper into the world of buttplugs and show you why they are such a popular phenomenon! 


Basically, butt plugs exert a special type of pressure inside your anus. Anyone can use them to have glorious anal orgasms. Yup, anal orgasms are a thing, and they feel so good! 

During anal stimulation, the pressure triggers the anal nerve endings, which are actually quite similar to those found inside the female vagina. If you use a butt plug to stimulate them correctly, you’ll get a shot at some of the most powerful anal orgasms of your life! 

For women and people with vaginas, plugs stimulate the G-spot and the vaginal walls indirectly. When combined with vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation, plugs can provide thunderous blended orgasms and even lead to squirting. For folks with penises, plugs can directly target the prostate. That way, they can provide enhanced P-spot orgasms followed by more intense and much more voluminous ejaculations. 


Picture this: Your partner surprises you one day by wearing a jeweled butt plug decorated with the words “Daddy’s property.” What would you do? Anal plugs and butt play provide a world of kinky fun! You can use them to fulfill your or your partner’s fantasies and improve your sex life. 

Some examples include submissive play, anal training, or even wearing them in public. They are also fantastic for simulated double penetration. Then, there’s roleplay, petplay with tail butt plugs, BDSM, orgasm teasing/denial, and much more! 


Butt plugs are also essential for anal prep and stretching. They can gradually stretch you out to make anal penetration feel incredibly pleasurable. After a while, they could train you for bigger things such as cocks or larger dildos. Plus, some people really love the intense stretching sensations. If you enjoy anal stretching, plugs can prepare you for gaping or even fisting. 

Are butt plugs safe? 

Butt plugs should be 100% safe if you know what you’re doing. That requires you to take it slow and focus on some safety precautions. 

Primarily, fingering, plugs, and other butt toys always require lube. The anus is dry, and it needs artificial lubrication. Without it, a plug could produce a lot of friction, along with minor internal injuries or tears. Additionally, you also need to disinfect your plugs before and after each use. The same goes for your booty. Obviously, you have to get rid of any poop since it’s unhygienic and it can cause infections.

What types are there? 

Butt plugs are available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. They are made of body-safe materials such as silicone, stainless steel, or glass. Most plugs have a cone or teardrop shape. They also have a flared base. This acts as a barrier and prevents the toy from getting stuck. 

Aside from standard plugs, you’ll find a wide range of other types. That includes textured, hollow, inflatable, fetish, vibrating butt plugs, etc. Each has a unique feature that improves sex or masturbation even further. For instance, princess butt plugs are cute stainless steel models that have a jewel on the other end. To give you more ideas on what princess butt plugs look like, click https://lovegasm.co/collections/butt-plug-princess.  You can slide one inside your submissive partner and make them feel precious. Then, you can try all sorts of domination/training fantasies and corrupt your princess’ innocence! 

What should beginners buy?

If you’re an anal newbie, you should go with something flexible, small, and compact. Here are some additional tips: 

  • Start with a small plug or even a set of anal beads to get your anus accustomed to the sensations. 
  • Don’t let your eyes fool you! Large and wide plugs could ruin the experience for total beginners.
  • Buy a safe lubricant for your toy. Some toy materials can get damaged if you use incompatible lube. For example, silicone lube can ruin silicone butt plugs. Choose water-based lube instead.
  • Consider the weight. If you prefer to feel more pressure, get a steel or glass plug. Silicone plugs are lighter, and they exert a different kind of pressure. 
  • If you love temperature play, get a small steel plug. It will feel cool when you push it in but will quickly get warm.
  • Avoid porous materials like jelly or TPE. They can absorb bacteria. This causes them to deteriorate quickly and even poses health concerns.
  • If you want to try various sizes, an anal training kit with several different plugs will be the best option.

How do you use it? 

If you want to lose your butt plug virginity in a safe and fun way, follow these steps for insertion and removal: 

  • Empty your bowels and clean your booty. Take a hot bath to keep you clean and relaxed. 
  • Get massively turned on before you use the plug. You can masturbate, watch porn, receive oral sex from your partner, etc. 
  • Play with your asshole to relieve some of the tightness. For example, tease it with your fingers or get your partner to eat out your booty.
  • Apply a generous amount of lube around your butt. Also, spread it over the tip of the plug. 
  • Gently slide the tip inside your anus and increase the pressure to push it in fully. 
  • If it feels uncomfortable, slow down or stop. Apply more lube or try a different position/angle. 
  • If the plug still feels too big, you could try to stretch your asshole with your finger. Alternatively, get a smaller butt plug. 
  • Once it’s in there nice and deep, carry on with your regular sexual activities, and you’ll quickly reach one of the most epic orgasms in your life!
  • During removal, use more lube to make it come out easier. 
  • Finally, clean and store the plug according to the instructions from the manufacturer. 

It’s time to stretch that booty! 

In the end, we can talk about butt plugs for days, but the only way to experience their greatness is to try one on your own! So order a butt plug today and have fun!

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Taking a Tour in Some of the Unusual Sex and Courtship Practices

It’s no secret that men and women of all races and traditions have been kinky for thousands of years. Just think about phallic depictions and big-breasted women on the walls of temples across the globe, and you’ll understand what we’re on about. However, have we become tamer as the years went by? No way!


In the following text, we’ll introduce you to some unusual sex practices that are still a thing in the 21st century. Enjoy!

Sambian Tribe Have to Drink Semen

Our first weird sex practice comes from Papua New Guinea. Namely, when the boys of this tribe turn seven years old, their elders send them off to live in all-male camps. However, we’re not here to talk about male-female segregation, but something else entirely.


Once the boys move to their bachelor camps, their elders begin cleaning them from female contamination by puncturing their skin with piercings. Aside from that, the boys eat lots and lots of sugarcane, resulting in vomiting and having regular nosebleeds. The reason for this is the same — by spilling blood and guts, they clean themselves from anything female inside them. Weird, right? Well, it gets even stranger. Brace yourselves.


Lastly, Sambian kids end up drinking the semen of their elders. Yup, the kids gobble on sperm from their dads, uncles, and grandpas, hoping to become stronger, taller, and overall more masculine.

Mangaian Women Have Sex With Young Boys

This wouldn’t be a list of unusual facts based on sex without pedophilia, wouldn’t it? But, unfortunately, we have to mention it as well. On a small South Pacific island of Magaia, mature women fuck boys when they turn thirteen.


It doesn’t sound that shocking if you fantasize about something like this, but these kids have no choice. It’s a common practice, a ritual of sorts, that has one simple goal — to help these boys understand how intercourse works so that they can better please their future wives. Noble to some extent, but problematic due to a lack of choice.

Rural Austrian Women Feed Armpit-Flavored Apples to Their Suitors

This unusual fact comes to us from Central Europe. In short, Austrians are weird folks. Not only do they wear leather pants and quirky hunting hats, but they also enjoy apples flavored with a dash of armpit sweat. In other words, it’s no wonder they were into Hitler and Nazism, even more than their German cousins, Hans and Helga.


Joking aside, young rural women in Austria put slices of apples under their armpits and dance like that. And once the party’s over, they go over to their future partners and give them these armpit-flavored apple slices, which they end up eating. The gift idea is okay, but why involve sweat and armpit hair?! Jeez, Louise.

Trobriander Girls Engage in Sexual Acts Starting Age 6

By now, it’s pretty evident that tribes in Papua are pretty active in sexual terms. And when it comes to the Trobriander tribe, well, they’re even more strange than others. Namely, kids there begin having sex at a very, very early age — girls from six to eight and boys from ten to twelve. It’s not clear whether their parents tell them to or they simply go for it.


But that’s not all. Having sex at that age is encouraged, but sharing a meal with a partner before you’re married is forbidden. Yup, you can’t have a meal with your future wife or husband if you tie the knot. Maybe we don’t respect their tradition, but Trobrianders sure could benefit from a sexual revolution.

The Wife-Stealing Festival of Wodaabe Tribe

Who would have thought that West Africa is a cuckold paradise? The Wodaabe tribe isn’t just infamous for arranged marriages when kids are barely a couple of years old, but for something else entirely.


In essence, this tribe is all about stealing one another’s wives. When the season comes, they celebrate the Gerewol festival. During the festival, men dress up in quirky clothes, paint their faces, and go on the hunt for new wives. In case they do succeed, the new marriage becomes legal. So, if someone captures your wife, and she likes him, your relationship is over. Sounds great if you’re into hotwives, cucks, and bulls, doesn’t it?

Ancient Greek Men and Their Young Boy Lovers

Although this unusual sexual practice isn’t here anymore, at least that we know of, Ancient Greeks were pretty weird. Therefore, we need to briefly mention them. In short, mature men would have sex with underage boys (mostly teens) in a practice called pederasty. But how did this come about? Moreover, was this socially accepted, or was this something men would do under the radar? Let’s find out.


In short, this really was socially accepted back in the Archaic and Classical periods of Ancient Greece. It was even fondly thought of, with people calling it the principle model for citizen relationships. Some debate it was part of military life and an initiation ritual.


Nevertheless, the term “pederasty” doesn’t mean the same thing as it did centuries ago. In English, this means sexual abuse towards children, although this weird practice was all about consent back then. Either way, the remains of pederasty can be seen in artistic nudity and athletically built male bodies from that period.

Love Huts From Kreung Tribe for Their Teenage Girls

Although most of us think about Pol Pot and wartime Cambodia, there’s much more to them when you explore different rural tribes. The one we’re interested in the most here is the Kreung one that lives in Ratanakiri Province. The unusual fact that makes them so special is that parents build love huts for their teen daughters where they can have sex.


Inside these love huts, teen girls have sex with as many boys as they like until they find the right one. Yup, the one they’ll spend the rest of their life with. Talk about being free to have all the fun in the world under the roof of your parents. For some, this seems like the best possible life — tons of sex, no judgment, and complete parent approval.

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How Prostate Size Affects Your Health

We want to show you which techniques are best for prostate milking, and why you actually know about how to reduce your prostate size. In the SM scene, the topic is becoming increasingly popular and you can always find and read more about it. But what is prostate milking? We show it to you and above all we explain to you how best to proceed if you want to milk the gonad. Forced evictions are also directly related; here one is seeded by a domina under certain circumstances without getting an erection at all. The activities mentioned above are also done using chastity cages that are not scams.

First of all, some important facts about the function and anatomy of the prostate:

The prostate is a gland and it produces a part of the sperm. In the ejaculation, she releases her secretion and this mixes with the rest of the semen. The proportion of semen that was produced in the same is about 30%.

The prostate gland is to be felt through the anus. Doctors take advantage of this during preventive examinations, as the gland can be examined for illnesses by palpation. But also for sexual stimulation, the prostate is directly stimulated by massages. Many men like that feeling.

The gland can be found by touching the anus. One sticks a finger in the anus and after 7-10 cm in the inside of the Po’s one finds a slight sublimity to the side of the belly space.

One of the most sensitive organs in the male body is the prostate. No wonder that a simulation is so inspiring for many.

Why Milk Prostate?

When it comes to prostate gland milking, then it’s basically nothing more than a prostate massage. Of course, milking is very reminiscent of milking cows, but that’s exactly how it is. Massages and pressure on the prostate, just like the udder milking, is massaged until the fluid comes out. For the cow, it is the milk, and the man of the seed. The seminal fluid occurs very slowly, drop by drop from the penis, quite unlike the orgasm, if you get one down. The prostate milking is not as easy as it sounds and requires practice and tact. This is the reason why you should either win your own partner for it, or seek a dominant sex girlfriend for this “job”.

The prostate milking is about two things:

The massage of the prostate allows one to savor the pleasure immensely. The actual ejaculation can be delayed and you can get a really long and hot orgasm. This orgasm is not over in a few seconds, but persists for a long time. The corresponding area in the buttocks will be massaged directly, either with a finger or with a toy or vibrator, creating a tremendous amount of pressure. You express the sperm drop by drop and there is simply no comparable cool feeling. It is a prostate orgasm that is much more satisfying for many men than a normal orgasm.

The prostate massage is also used in the forced withdrawal. This is a practice that is mainly used in the SM and fetish scene. It’s about slimming down a slave. Why, how and to what extent the mistress does this is always different. Many mistresses use their slaves as sex slaves. Excessive forced sÈance ration, and perhaps even hours, is like torture. Many Dominas let their slaves cum shot, and then they are not until furthered seeded.

This is the best technique for prostate licking

Of course it is the hottest when a woman massages the prostate gland. But you can also massage the prostate without any problems and thereby gain a completely new experience. It does not matter if you do it yourself, if the woman does hand or you get forced by a mistress, here is the best technique for milking the prostate.

First, one should first be aware of where the prostate gland is anatomically located. It is best if the man was previously in the toilet and the intestine was emptied. A lot of lube makes things a lot easier; it just slides a lot better. The best position for the man: in the quadruped stand, or on the side with knees bent. Now it says the prostate search begins. She is about 8 cm in the butt to the belly. You feel something semi-circular, flexible like a ball and about the size of a walnut.

Now you should massage her with your finger. Circles move up and down and always exert a slight pressure. You massage them just as you would rub someone’s back. You notice how the prostate swells up and start to vibrate. Use a prostate stimulator for the prostate massage.

Of course you can also massage the prostate by using a prostate stimulator. This is specially shaped so that it perfectly finds the G point of the man. If you do not have a suitable woman to take you to seventh heaven with a prostate massage, you can also use the prostate stimulator yourself. With a sex toy you can walk much better , so just give it a try. You can also order the sex toys anonymously on the Internet. At Amazon, for example, there are also such sex toys, and you can be sure that they will be sent discreetly packaged.

Experience a prostate massage with your partner

Some men are fortunate enough to have an open and experimental girlfriend. Of course it is especially cool if you get a prostate massage during the fucking. You can fuck the woman and at the same time the lady can stick her finger in the butt and milk. Often it is also made so that you off the prostate before fucking.

You already have a horny dry orgasm and then can fuck much longer. If you do not have a suitable partner then you have two options: Either you do it yourself or you are looking for contacts for anal sex . The women who are into anal sex are also often having fun when it comes to putting a finger in your butt. You can also have fun and ladies who spontaneously date with you on a sex get together, like to try out such things.

If you are rather submissive and looking for a mistress, who also forcibly siphoned off, then you can find here also suitable fetish partners. Many Dominas regularly make forced evictions with their slaves. Some use to facilitate the chastely held slaves, others in turn use it as torture and seed so long and much until you just cannot stand it anymore.

Use the strap-on to stimulate the prostate


To let fuck with the Strap-On is of course also a very cool thing. Anyone who has ever had anal sex knows how intense this feeling is. Alone by the anal stimulation you can get really hot orgasms. But it is also possible to fuck with the strap on the G point of the man?

Due to the many nerves in this area, anal sex is in itself satisfying and it brings a whole new feeling of sex. That’s why men also find it so hot when women fuck her with the strap-on. Unfortunately, one has as a woman pretty little feeling. It’s just a plastic dick that you have strapped on and with that you cannot feel where the prostate is.

By chance, the strap-on could be hit on the prostate, but this is unlikely. With the finger you just have a lot more feeling and the palpation of the prostate is much easier. Also with the special anal toy it is easier to find the male G point. Unfortunately, the strap on is a bit more difficult.

If you want to know more about prostate, go here.

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How Do You Know if a Penis Ring is Suitable for You?

A butt plug with anal plug is suitable for anyone who wants to have an anal butt plug in their anus. This anal butt plug is connected to the cock ring. The penis ring with anal plug stimulates the penis, the anal and the prostate and the same time. Thus the carrier would be twice as much fun.

Is using butt plugs make you gay? Who is not so much on anal intercourse, which can use a soft cock ring with anal plug for double penetration? Because the anal plug does not necessarily have to be led to the own anus, but can also be installed as a second penis when penetrating a passive partner in the lovemaking. This means that both your own penis and the anal plug penetrate into the partner at the same time.

Create dildo cock ring

With soft dildo cock rings it is very easy to put on. Take both hands, pull the cock ring apart and put it over your penis and over your testicles. Let it go, so that it can sit firmly on the scrotum. Then follow the anal plug of the penis ring. This should be provided at the top with some lubricant. Just push it gently into the anus. After the anus is stretched slightly, the butt plug slides down to the prostate and stays in this position.

With every movement, not only the penis is stimulated, but also the prostate. The cock ring has the additional advantage that the excitement can withstand because he ensures an improved erection quality. You do not need any medications or Viagra. The integrated cock ring takes over this task for you.

A metal cock ring with anal stimulator is more difficult to put on than one made of silicone or rubber. For this the penis should not be excited as when creating a normal cock ring. When penis rings with anal plug first the penis ring is created and then you take care of the anal plug not the other way round because the donning of the penis ring is usually a bit more difficult, pushing the anal plug later is no longer difficult.

Stainless steel cock ring with butt plug

If the penis ring is made of stainless steel, the diameter must fit exactly. He should not sit too tight otherwise you may not be able to remove him. First put the stainless steel penis ring over a penis. Then you push the testicles individually through the ring. If you are aroused in this phase, you can stop and have to wait until the penis is flabby again.

If you have a very small penis, you can also put your testicles through the penis ring and then continue with the penis. Just try it, which is the best option for you. There are also cock rings with anal plug, which are put over the penis only, without the testicles have to be inserted through the ring. This is a good option for beginners. Again, the penis is much harder, but the ejaculation is not delayed because the sperm can flow unhindered through the penis.

Advantages of the combination of penis ring and anal plug

  • Your penis will be particularly hard.
  • Intensifies orgasm as the cum shot is held back longer.
  • Penis looks bigger too.
  • Supports training with penis pumps, because with the penis ring the blood does not flow back so fast back into the body.
  • Sex gets better, because you are twice stimulated both by the penis ring, and by the anal plug.
  • You do not have to combine a cock ring with an anal plug.

The anal plug is connected to the penis ring. As a result, he sits very firmly and does not slip unintentionally deeper into the anus. An anal plug is a kind of dildo, which is suitable for the stimulation of the anus because of its conical shape. Butt plugs have two different ends. One end is conically rounded so that the butt plug can be easily inserted. The other end is designed as a kind of stopper designed to prevent the butt plug from slipping deeper into and out during use. Anal plugs can be used to stimulate or prepare for anal intercourse. Special lubricant facilitates insertion. Both women and men use the anal plug. In men, the sex toy can also stimulate the prostate and thus provide intense feelings of pleasure. Anal plugs come in different colors, Shapes and sizes. The toys are offered with vibration and without vibration. Hardly any region of the body is so heavily crossed with nerve endings as the anus. For this reason, anal play with the anal plug is enjoyed by both men and women with a lot of relaxation.

To see a collection of other sex toys, refer to this site.

Suitable anal plug for all experiences

All offered anal plugs are easy and uncomplicated to clean and disinfect, so that they can be used permanently for common or lonely games. Experts also pay special attention to excellent quality. Dangerous plasticizers, which are often used in cheap sex toys, cannot be found on offer. In the shop you will find a rich selection of toys made of high quality stainless steel, which are made for anal games like. For example, the Butt plugs can be offered in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and weight classes. Thus, all experience levels can be easily combined harmoniously.

Discover new limits with the anal plug

If you are more into stretching games, then you should take a closer look at the anal plug for anal stretching. The charming by their attractive shapes and often enormous diameters and provide the perfect pleasure. Just grab it and click through the rich assortment of exciting anal toys. For you or you will certainly find the right toy. This is what distinguishes the anal plugs:

  • Excellent workmanship and smooth surfaces
  • Contain no dangerous plasticizers
  • Great choice for beginners and professionals alike
  • Wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Enjoy the huge selection of anal plugs for every taste

Be open to new things and you will have a lot of fun with these anal plugs. Did you make the large selection curious? Would you like to try out such anal plugs alone or together with your partner or partner? No problem. Simple and discreet order and in no time your butt plug will be delivered to you. For anal games, lubricants are always a good choice. These can also be found at online shops in the best quality. Have fun with the butt plug.

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Best Ways to Use Anal Beads and Sex Toys

What girl does not dream of good, full-fledged sex? But not everyone gets it “gorgeous”, or at least “normal.” And the reason for this is not the size of the manís dignity of the partner, the atmosphere of the bedroom or mood. The only solution to this problem is training with sex toys. And if you’re interested, you can buy them from LP.

Vaginal balls are not just toys that can be used from time to time for additional sexual satisfaction. Experts in this field have developed a whole range of exercises that help bring the vaginal muscles into a tone, and thereby improve sex life. As the name implies, vaginal balls most of them are round or egg-shaped in size from 1 to 4 centimeters. They are made from lightweight materials such as silicone, latex and plastic, which is great for beginners; and heavy – glass and metal, for more experienced women who are engaged in vumbildingom.

Also balls differ from each other in a covering. Rough and ribbed toys are recommended to choose in the initial stages of exercise, as they are better kept inside the vagina and do not require such effort from the internal muscles. It is better to buy smooth balls after several months of workouts in order to slightly increase the load. Read more about what vaginal balls at which stage to choose .

But technology does not stand still, and manufacturers have invented new toys with a displaced center of gravity. This means that inside the round shell there is a small but heavy ball that, when moving, hits the walls and perfectly activates the vaginal muscles (they involuntarily contract to keep the ball inside). You should also know alongside what lubricant to use with anal beads.

Check out a collection of anal beads here: https://loveplugs.co/products/anal-beads-14

What and why need vaginal balls

The balls inserted into the vagina give unbelievable pleasure to women even without sex, as they occupy all the space inside and reach those places that are not enough for an erect partner during sexual intercourse.

They train the pelvic floor muscles. Vaginal balls promote blood flow to the pelvic organs, which reduces the possibility of gynecological diseases. They eliminate stagnant processes in the pelvic organs. Within six months or a year, a woman can only bring a man to orgasm thanks to the elastic muscles of the vagina. Permanent training with vaginal balls helps to make the muscles elastic and prepare them for childbirth. This contributes to the rapid restoration of the genital organs in the postpartum period.

And a very important factor – a woman begins to experience real pleasure from sex and get an orgasm, regardless of the size of manís dignity and posture. Within a month after active daily workouts, lasting 10 minutes, women feel positive changes during sex. And all because those muscle groups that were previously in a passive state come into the work. Vaginal balls do not require a lot of free time for training. With them, women can freely do household chores and even go to the store. The main thing is to start wearing balls regularly and for a short period of time, gradually increasing the duration of classes to one or even two hours. Since keeping the ball inside is not very easy, thanks to the training, you will learn how to control certain groups of vaginal muscles. Thanks to a simple sex toy, your sex life will immediately change for the better!

What are anal balls for?

Anal balls, colorful beads, all kinds of corks – not the whole range of toys for adults, which can be used to achieve maximum satisfaction during sex. It does not matter: you are a girl or a boy, the important thing is that from the pleasure you receive, life will seem even rosier to you.

What is the purpose of anal balls?

First of all, they are needed for a variety of sexual life. That is, if banal sex in the missionary position has become very boring, then this is probably the first bell on the way to acquiring this kind of toy.

How to choose the anal “toy”?

It is very important to be morally prepared for this kind of entertainment, as it often happens that by buying some interesting thing they throw it into the farthest corner and are afraid even to be alone in admitting that it is at least somehow interesting to them. So use your friends!

The origin of sex toys shop

Some say that anal stimulants have gained their popularity quite recently, or more precisely since the sex shop toys went on sale, but this is not entirely true. Since any kind of sex toys were invented in ancient times, and this only tells one thing that even in those times people wanted even more vivid and unique sensations.

How to choose a toy for yourself?

If you do decide to buy for yourself something from the range of the online store “Jag-Jag”, then you should look at modern anal stimulators, beads, vaginal balls or simple conical dilators of the anus. We are sure that you will not have much difficulty in choosing an interesting sex toy. You can also contact the consultants or just read the reviews of satisfied customers on the Internet.

Where can I buy sex shop toys?

Before the advent of the Internet, in each city there were specialized secret shops, the entrance to which only the elect knew. But this time is long past, now you can easily buy the anal stimulant you like without even leaving your home, because our online store Jag-Jag has a wide range of various sex toys, including anus dilators.

Remember that only a complete psychological discharge in the form of sexual pleasures will allow you to completely relax from everyday problems and gray working days. Be sure that your life with the acquisition of anal balls filled with new colors.

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5 Best Anal Plugs According to Experts

Anal plug tests: for all visitors, who would like to read one or the other anal plug test, experts have selected well-known sources on the internet below, which provide test reports.

Lustful and painless anal intercourse thanks to anal plugs

They have something wicked and forbidden about them. At the same time they fascinate and excite us. The language is of anal plugs for all ages. Anal plugs are specially shaped to ensure smooth and smooth insertion into the anus. In the erotic shop Adam or Eve you will find a simply huge selection of various anal plugs in different colors, shapes or materials. So you will not only expect anal plugs made of silicone, but also of glass or even stainless steel.

In addition to the different materials, you can also freely choose from a variety of shapes. From wave-like anal plugs to inflatable anal plugs – with us you will really find everything your heart desires. Particularly popular with our customers and customers are anal plugs with vibration. With these vibrators you achieve the perfect anal intercourse pleasure. In men, this type of anal plug is particularly important – because the vibrator also stimulates the prostate! No matter if anal plug in noble, simple black, skin colors or in strong pink or violet – also with the colors you can choose what you like.

Silicone, PVC, rubber anal plugs

Most couples own anal plugs to make the anal sex pleasurable and painless. The anus is stretched by the anal plugs easily and painlessly, so that the penis can then penetrate also painless and easy. In addition, you can train with these anal plugs your sphincter so that the anal intercourse is completely painless. This is achieved by prolonged wearing, which at the same time has a stimulating effect.

When manufacturing our offered Anal plugs only high quality materials such as silicone, PVC, jelly, rubber and aluminum were used. Cleanly processed, they are easy to put in and take off and wear long and comfortably. In addition, they are harmless to health, as was waived in the production of any plasticizers. The butt plugs offered here are great for “wet games” in the bath or Jacuzzi because they are waterproof. Experts recommend beginners in the field of anal sex to use sufficient lubricant and lubricating lotion to exclude injuries.

The Anal Plug is a small anal dildo intended for the anal pleasure of men as well as women. Discover the best Anal Plugs, available for sale online. There you will also find our bestsellers like the Rose Buds made of aluminum or the inevitable, vibrating anal plug of the Fifty Shades of Gray collection, without the Nexus Ace remote controlled anal plug to forget. In sexy shop you can order anal plugs made of metal, glass, silicone and even inflatable plugs. Do not hesitate to ask us for your first purchase. Order today and receive your package discreetly on the next working day. Benefit from our free delivery throughout Switzerland. Let your wishes run free and enjoy it!

Although sex toys have become democratic, anal pleasure is still part of taboo subjects. In spite of everything, it is indeed the most popular erotic accessory for women and men so you should know how long you can keep a butt plug in and for good reason, the sphincter has a great number of nerve endings that are stimulated once, giving you an unparalleled pleasure!

So, how to choose the first anal plug?

Experts recommendations will be more about the diameter than the length of the dildo. In fact, if you decide to initiate anal pleasure, we recommend that you choose an anal plug good for masturbation with a small diameter and a tapered tip that makes insertion easier. Everything is a matter of training.

To avoid pain or injury, you need to get your anus used to gradually expanding. To introduction, you must learn to control your breathing and especially to relax. We also suggest that you use a good lubricant, preferably silicone-based, or even an anal spray that will help you relax your sphincter, sometimes even with a slight anesthetic effect.

Anal creams are also excellent toys for a first anal experience. You can also choose a “Beginner Anal Plug Kit” that often consists of several different sizes.

After this discovery step, you can then choose virtually any butt plug, such as the rosebuds, which are a real jewelry for the anus or glass or metal plug with which you can play with the temperature of the plug before using them in hot or cold Soak in cold water without forgetting the vibrating plug that provides extra sensations for unheard orgasms. For the advanced, there are still the vibrating anal plugs, which are controlled with a remote control. Ideal for a couple thus your partner has control over your pleasure!

And for the fetishists, of course, there is the famous “Tail Plug” or “Ponytail”, which turns you into a pet or for extreme sensations the inflatable plug. Remember that it will be necessary to think about diameter and not length.

Butt plug – For lovers of anal intercourse

The butt plug fulfills two main purposes. First, it serves as a preparation for a painless anal intercourse. Thus, the gently introduced butt plug leads to an anal stretching. On the other hand, the anal plug is also suitable for direct, sexual stimulation. If you’re interested, better check on loveplugs and get yourself a toy.

Butt plugs are available in various shapes, colors and sizes. Eva relies on butt plugs from well-known manufacturers, such as the Bootie butt plug by Fun Factory. This shines with noble design and the combination of flexibility and the necessary hardness. If you love anal sex, you’ll love the Bootie butt plug by Fun Factory! As soon as you use an anal stopper, remember to use Toy fluid to keep things running smoothly.

For lovers of anal intercourse Eva has more great products on offer, such as exciting anal vibrators or anal chains – here it goes directly to the offers!

Stronger orgasms

Some women seem to get a stronger and more intense orgasm by slowly hauling the anal loops as orgasm rolls over you.

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Tips in Using Cock Ring Plugs for Anal Pleasure

A tunnel plug is a sex toy from the category of butt plugs. This English term could be translated into German as an anal stopper. In general, a butt plug looks almost like a dildo, except that a plug through a narrower spot on the shaft and a wider foot, as opposed to a dildo usually automatically remains in place and so tightly closes the rosette. How do you use cock ring plugs? A tunnel plug works similarly and can be due to its special form usually attached directly to the anal muscle ring without problems.

As the name implies, these anal plugs are hollow as a sub category of this type of sex toy. This not only allows a view into an otherwise optically inaccessible body region, but also opens up creative possibilities for the use of other anal toys. While in other anal plugs, the sensitive rear gate is completely closed; other sex toys or body parts can be introduced into the anal tract, depending on the diameter, using a tunnel plug.

More anal sex with an anal tunnel plug

An anal tunnel plug generally has a larger diameter than many conventional anal plugs because of its hollow shape. For women and men less experienced in this area, thorough preparation is the key to preventing unwanted pain and injuries in the sensitive anal area. First of all, most people attach importance to cleanliness and hygiene in sex games of this kind, which is accompanied by a certain additional effort. With an alarm, the intestinal tract can be cleaned so that no bad surprises can happen in the bed afterwards.

But some people also find it convenient to use an anal tunnel plug for the anal preparation for sex, which allows the used lukewarm water to flow away unhindered. In lovemaking itself, an anal plug with a hollow bore in the middle not only offers exciting insights into the partner, but also the opportunity to play games with different types of fluids and body parts. During the whole time the passive partner feels a pleasant feeling of stretching through the hollow butt plug and often a tingling with every movement and muscle contraction on the own rosette.

It will not work without a good preparation

If great pain is not the goal of experiments with an anal toy, then all involved should prepare well for sex experiences of this kind. In any case, a sufficient amount of high quality lubricant should be available. Since anal sex games are often hampered by a lack of mental and physical readiness to relax the muscles in the anal area, a de-throttling spray can sometimes be just the right help for solving fun with the large-sized toys. Plug Sets are just right for beginnersí anal sex pleasures, first to make first experiences, before then a larger anal plug with a hollow middle is introduced. In general, an anal plug should not be too enthusiastic and courageous, but with a realistic estimate.

A hollow butt plug or tunnel plug makes for exciting emotions and unique looks. In the BDSM Store you will find many different butt plugs, including Tunnel Butt plugs. Almost all hollow anal plugs are light in weight and therefore easy to insert. Do you prefer hard plugs? Then take a look at our anal plug metal collection here https://loveplugs.com.au/collections/metal-and-steel/.

Tunnel plugs for an exciting game

There are different types of tunnel anal plugs. Some are completely transparent and open, and their design creates an exciting look. Others can also be used as sleeves. In our assortment you will find plugs of excellent quality with which you can let your anal fantasy run wild. Choose one of our hollow tunnel plugs and get your order quickly and discreetly!

Several centuries ago, women satisfied themselves with homemade dildos. At that time they made them out of stone, wood or even ivory. The contemporary dildos, on the other hand, are made of silicone, relatively affordable and available in many bedrooms. This guide gives an insight into the many possibilities of masturbation with the help of dildos.

Varied dildos for masturbation

The classic dildos are three to four inches thick and 15 to 17 inches long. Over sizes that do not conform to the European standard size of a penis are also sold in many sex shops. Beginners should be said, however, that it is advisable to successively increase in size and scope of the dildo, because in the case of self-satisfaction, it is important to maintain the sense of ability to increase.

Choice of material: rubber or silicone?

The choice of material is crucial for its use. If you decide for a soft dildo, you can handle it a bit more roughly. Harder materials, however, require more feeling. The most popular dildos are made of silicone because the material is easy to clean and self-heating. They are sold in all colors and shapes.

Rubber dildos are a bit softer than silicone dildos, but many women are bothered by the rubber odor. This flies but after some time and can be additionally dissolved by immersion in water.

Dildo variations for a change: G-spot dildo

This dildo should, as the name suggests, especially stimulate the G-spot. Accordingly, it is a curved dildo, which has certain bulges, especially at the top. Most of them are silicone dinosaurs, but they are also made of glass or wood. The shaft of the dildo is usually shaped so that it stimulates women especially.

Suction dildo

Women during masturbation on both hands want to resort to getting a dildo with fixing set. With the aid of a suction cup they are fixed on the floor or on the wall and stand upright like an erect penis. This application comes very close to the classic riding position. The sucker dildo is available in natural or unusual look.

Natural dildo

The natural dildo should adjust the male member as lifelike as possible. This means that not only veins, but also glands and usually also testicles can be seen and felt. Mostly it is flesh-colored, but it is also available in other colors like black. Many women use this type of dildo because they are closest to sex with a man. By the way, there is also a suction cup, etc.

Anal dildo

This dildo is not vaginal but anal used. Often, the term anal plug is used but anal dildos are usually slightly longer than plugs. They are also narrower than the conical anal plugs. Anal dildos should be as slippery as possible, especially if you use it as a beginner. The dildo is also used by men to stimulate the prostate.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Anal Vibrators for your Partner

Choosing the best anal vibrators can often be complicated considering the different materials, sizes, shapes and functions a vibrator can have. Whether it’s the choice of the first vibrator or adding a new vibrator to your collection, here you can find the guide for choosing the right vibrator.

In the Erotic Sex Shop Fun you can find a wide range of vibrators designed to improve sexual life, whether its self-stimulation or erotic play with your partner. Discover new areas erogenous with vibrators category bullet or egg that will provide an intense prelude. Experiment with new orgasms by stimulating Clitoris or G Point using vibrators designed specifically to stimulate G-point and clitoris.

Enjoy double stimulation with Rabbit Vibrators, they offer vaginal pituitary and stimulate clitoris at the same time. Try a double vaginal and anal stimulation with vibrators in the Double Vibrators category. Enjoy sex pleasure even under shower in the tub or Jacuzzi by purchasing a Waterproof Vibrator.

Encourage your senses with a realistic vibrator. Designed to resemble a real penis, both real and visually real vibrators will give you sex pleasures like a real penis. Treat yourself with a luxurious vibrator. They will conquer you with their elegant design combined with high quality materials and multiple features.

How to choose a good erotic toy: Buyer’s Guide

There is no need to expect to install routine in intimate couple life to diversify your experiences. Leaving aside the inhibitions, you will discover a variety of erotic toys designed to give you pleasure, whether you are with your partner alone. Some people have reservations about trying out such articles, but a universal rule that does not hurt to keep in mind is: you cannot say you do not like it if you never tried it! In addition, the generous offer of models ensures that you will find products to your liking. Read on to learn more, including where to find erotic toys at a good price, others.

Type and Purpose: It is really a difficult task to make a classification of the many existing products in the profile stores. Although not categorical, a first distinction will be made between erotic toys for the couple, for her or for him. In terms of two-in-one toys, the most popular are vibrators and vibratory stimulation rings for penis; the vibrating eye, which is controlled by the remote control and stimulates different areas; strap on with or without straps, which is practically a dildo for the weekend that is worn by a woman.

There are also sets of bondage, masks, cats, erotic massage accessories and teasing, paddles, for spanking. Of course the list will include sexy lingerie including edible, but also board games or card games, with sexy challenges for the two partners, which start the atmosphere.

Continuing, there are erotic toys for women, such as the different dildos or vibrator models realistic or fanciful, very popular being the vibrator-rabbit, which stimulates both internally, and externally; vaginal and anal balls, nipple clamps and breast pumps, or vaginal pumps that suck the vulva, stimulating and enhancing sensations. And why not, the inflatable male dolls can also be mentioned.

Erotic toys for men are as numerous, very popular are prostate stimulators with or without vibration, masturbators or artificial virginals that mimic anatomically the shape and texture of the vagina, penis pumps or penis extensions, inflatable dolls, balls or plugs Ass. As we can see, many of these toys can be used in both couple and individual, both women and men such as vibrating eggs, balls and anal plugs.

Another classification may be based on the level of experience – not because some products ask for a great deal of skill, but because it is only natural that those who want to experiment for the first time can be overwhelmed by some models, as show some opinions about the best erotic toys. That’s why even manufacturers mention some “beginners” or “advanced play” products. Among the most “harmless” and exciting products can be mentioned vibrating penis rings, vibrating eggs, butterfly (a small vibrator), vaginal balls and bondage sets, massage, but also games in 2.

Last but not least, a third useful classification will be based on the area that is stimulated: there are toys with vaginal stimulation, clitoridian, G point (in women) and point P (in males), anal. There are also dual stimulation models, for example intra-vaginal and clitoral, or vaginal and anal. Some belt straps on without straps (or belts) have 2 ends, allowing simultaneous penetration of both partners.

Operation: From the simplest dildos or vaginal or anal balls to the most complicated vibrators or masturbators, the mechanism can include vibrations or not. More complex products even have different components that offer more speeds and more types of movements in different directions (right-left, back and forth) or adjustable suction power (for pumps). The best erotic toy will have the least ability to adjust vibration intensity (if you do not choose a product without this feature).

There are also remote control toys to allow you to adjust the settings you want from a distance (very useful, for example, in the case of vibrating eggs, because you can change vibrations without removing them). There are even wired and wireless products for complete freedom of movement.

Appearance, size and shape: Of course, a criterion that will interest you is the look, shape and even the color of a toy. After all, its purpose is to create your pleasure, so it would be a good idea to enjoy the way it looks, without inhibiting it.

Dimensions are even more important, whether we are talking about a dildo or a great vibrator ordered online, whether we are talking about balls, anal plug or masturbator. The sizes vary and you choose from mini to maxi models to suit your tastes.

There are some inflatable dildos that can be inflated as much as the user wants. Check also the shape, especially for dildos: there are some with prominent and rounded head considerably and a base that mimics the testicles, there are even spiral or hand-shaped patterns.

Materials: These are also varied: PVC, vinyl, silicone, jelly, rubber, glass. Important are two aspects: their resistance to use and the tolerance you display on the material. For example, some people may be hypersensitive to rubber.

Highly appreciated are Nature Skin or Love Clone, which mimics the skin so that it produces natural sensations (there are vibrators so realistic that they also show striations). Regarding this criterion, it is very important to find out if the toy is water resistant or not especially if you want to use it in the bathroom and how it is maintained and cleaned with special solutions with water.

Accessories: What you should not miss most of the time, whether you are experiencing in 2 or alone, is the lubricant. But there are other products that can attract you, for example, sexual stimulants in the form of gels, massage oils, perfumes with pheromones (intensifying attraction and desire), and scented candles, all with a formula based on aphrodisiac extracts. Some creams or gels intensify the sensations; some also have the role of prolonging and strengthening the erection.

Because hygiene is essential, manufacturers also offer gels or special cleaning sprays. Last but not least, let’s not forget about safety: enjoy what erotic toys you like, but when you have a partner, do not forget about condoms if you do not use other specific protective means.

The next question would be: Where are erotic toys found at good prices? Online stores have considerable advantages: saving time, money, diversified offers, discretion, often free of charge. That’s why we recommend reviewing the range of products on our shopping sites.

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What are the Best Selling Anal Beads?

Sexologists analyzed different anal beads tests and looked at them in detail to make a factual comparison for you. Of course, before deciding on any of the products listed, you will want to know what suits your needs and is therefore ideal for you. Many vendors want to make it easier to select with an analgesic test and list all the important product features and features you should know before you buy. But now the question is anal beads vs butt plugs, what is better? Sexologists have a clearly arranged anal beads test with product data and comparative data that you can use.

With the leader board, it will be easy for you to see which anal beads others have purchased on Amazon. If you want to save on the price when buying anal balls, should look at the current offers. If the optical design is decisive for you, you are certainly interested in the image selection here.

In general, anal beads are gaining in popularity and, especially online, are selling well. Only what was accessible on the internet in the period of the survey was included in the assessment. After considering the points of view and after you have made a judgment and have decided to buy, so you can order directly online.

Our 3 leaders

What has already proven itself with other buyers and can be recommended by us without hesitation, comes in the top rating. With the highest rating, the product Deluxe Anal beads by the manufacturer passion products are at the top. The overall score indicates a successful product, and only once has this value been achieved the rating is due to the low price, the first-class product features and happy customer voices. Who is not sure which anal beads is the right choice, which may just align to the winner in comparison.

The silver medal is awarded to the product Utimi Silicone Anal Ball Set Anal Plug Set by the manufacturer UTIMI. As a result of our review process, we have this product with the rating well rated and can also express a clear recommendation. In third place is the product, anal ball chain blue which completes the top 3 in our anal ball comparison.

The anal beads bestseller

With the anal beads comparison you already have all the recommended anal beads in the overview. For which anal beads they should decide but can still be difficult. On the bestseller list, you can determine what most others have chosen. The following leaderboard shows you a ranking with anal beads, which were bought most from the online retailer Amazon. This ranking can be of great help first in spontaneous decisions or in the case of having to decide among some alternatives. Products that have chosen a lot of others are usually a good guide.

Buy anal beads

Anyone who is currently looking for anal beads usually faces a huge flood of offers. Bulk products are sold on the Internet and also in local retailers. What fits best for individual use? Before you buy, you need to think about what your individual aspiration looks like. Then, of course, it is important to set an amount of how much you are willing to spend on the anal beads buy. Often recommendations from friends are useful to find a suitable product. You may have noticed in the anal beads comparison may already have a reasonable product. Questions that you can ask are: Which of the products is really appropriate and meets the defined quality and price expectations? How big your budget is or how much money are you willing to pay for a good product? You may also discover other products that could be ordered, such as a book on the subject area anal beads?

Whether you shop online or in a shop is then the last decision that you have to make. If individual care is not so important to you and you want to pay particular attention to the price, shopping on the Internet is certainly worthwhile. In the numerous web shops you often receive a larger selection of products, you can use different payment options and in case of emergency you can revoke the purchase.

Anal beads on offer

What is currently offered in the anal beads segment at a lower price you can see below? Together with a picture you will find the corresponding current discount for the price. Here you can immediately see where you can save.

Picture Overview

More meaningful than words is usually an illustration. For this reason, we would like to give you the opportunity to determine by optical criteria which anal beads you should take a closer look at and read an individual anal beads comparison. In many cases, important details can be found in the product image.

Links to the topic

Of course, in this overview, we cannot cover all the information that may be sought. Get more information on different topics in the anal beads comparison. A little further research is always appropriate. The links go partly to detailed anal beads comparison.

Anal ball test and comparisons

If you want to buy anal ball on the internet, you should pay attention to a few points to get quality products. So, before buying an anal ball, some information is needed to buy the right item. Those who do not properly inform themselves are at risk of receiving an anal ball that either does not have the desired function or is made of inferior materials. If you want a product that meets your expectations as much as possible, you should consult an anal ball test. The products include online tests and product comparisons. An anal ball test should be used as a source of information in a reputable and well-known online magazine. Product comparisons can help to compare the different functions or properties of different products.

Anal Ball Test – What is the purpose of research?

Researching products can help identify the vulnerabilities of an item, as well as the exact features and materials of the item. In short, product comparisons to anal ball and an anal ball test provide information that can help you choose the right item. Comparisons and anal ball tests can help you to avoid negative experiences. For example, ordering an article without prior information may result in the product not being the right size, features, or look you want. Furthermore, a product comparison can help to save money.

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