5 Best Anal Plugs According to Experts

Anal plug tests: for all visitors, who would like to read one or the other anal plug test, experts have selected well-known sources on the internet below, which provide test reports.

Lustful and painless anal intercourse thanks to anal plugs

They have something wicked and forbidden about them. At the same time they fascinate and excite us. The language is of anal plugs for all ages. Anal plugs are specially shaped to ensure smooth and smooth insertion into the anus. In the erotic shop Adam or Eve you will find a simply huge selection of various anal plugs in different colors, shapes or materials. So you will not only expect anal plugs made of silicone, but also of glass or even stainless steel.

In addition to the different materials, you can also freely choose from a variety of shapes. From wave-like anal plugs to inflatable anal plugs – with us you will really find everything your heart desires. Particularly popular with our customers and customers are anal plugs with vibration. With these vibrators you achieve the perfect anal intercourse pleasure. In men, this type of anal plug is particularly important – because the vibrator also stimulates the prostate! No matter if anal plug in noble, simple black, skin colors or in strong pink or violet – also with the colors you can choose what you like.

Silicone, PVC, rubber anal plugs

Most couples own anal plugs to make the anal sex pleasurable and painless. The anus is stretched by the anal plugs easily and painlessly, so that the penis can then penetrate also painless and easy. In addition, you can train with these anal plugs your sphincter so that the anal intercourse is completely painless. This is achieved by prolonged wearing, which at the same time has a stimulating effect.

When manufacturing our offered Anal plugs only high quality materials such as silicone, PVC, jelly, rubber and aluminum were used. Cleanly processed, they are easy to put in and take off and wear long and comfortably. In addition, they are harmless to health, as was waived in the production of any plasticizers. The butt plugs offered here are great for “wet games” in the bath or Jacuzzi because they are waterproof. Experts recommend beginners in the field of anal sex to use sufficient lubricant and lubricating lotion to exclude injuries.

The Anal Plug is a small anal dildo intended for the anal pleasure of men as well as women. Discover the best Anal Plugs, available for sale online. There you will also find our bestsellers like the Rose Buds made of aluminum or the inevitable, vibrating anal plug of the Fifty Shades of Gray collection, without the Nexus Ace remote controlled anal plug to forget. In sexy shop you can order anal plugs made of metal, glass, silicone and even inflatable plugs. Do not hesitate to ask us for your first purchase. Order today and receive your package discreetly on the next working day. Benefit from our free delivery throughout Switzerland. Let your wishes run free and enjoy it!

Although sex toys have become democratic, anal pleasure is still part of taboo subjects. In spite of everything, it is indeed the most popular erotic accessory for women and men so you should know how long you can keep a butt plug in and for good reason, the sphincter has a great number of nerve endings that are stimulated once, giving you an unparalleled pleasure!

So, how to choose the first anal plug?

Experts recommendations will be more about the diameter than the length of the dildo. In fact, if you decide to initiate anal pleasure, we recommend that you choose an anal plug good for masturbation with a small diameter and a tapered tip that makes insertion easier. Everything is a matter of training.

To avoid pain or injury, you need to get your anus used to gradually expanding. To introduction, you must learn to control your breathing and especially to relax. We also suggest that you use a good lubricant, preferably silicone-based, or even an anal spray that will help you relax your sphincter, sometimes even with a slight anesthetic effect.

Anal creams are also excellent toys for a first anal experience. You can also choose a “Beginner Anal Plug Kit” that often consists of several different sizes.

After this discovery step, you can then choose virtually any butt plug, such as the rosebuds, which are a real jewelry for the anus or glass or metal plug with which you can play with the temperature of the plug before using them in hot or cold Soak in cold water without forgetting the vibrating plug that provides extra sensations for unheard orgasms. For the advanced, there are still the vibrating anal plugs, which are controlled with a remote control. Ideal for a couple thus your partner has control over your pleasure!

And for the fetishists, of course, there is the famous “Tail Plug” or “Ponytail”, which turns you into a pet or for extreme sensations the inflatable plug. Remember that it will be necessary to think about diameter and not length.

Butt plug – For lovers of anal intercourse

The butt plug fulfills two main purposes. First, it serves as a preparation for a painless anal intercourse. Thus, the gently introduced butt plug leads to an anal stretching. On the other hand, the anal plug is also suitable for direct, sexual stimulation. If you’re interested, better check on loveplugs and get yourself a toy.

Butt plugs are available in various shapes, colors and sizes. Eva relies on butt plugs from well-known manufacturers, such as the Bootie butt plug by Fun Factory. This shines with noble design and the combination of flexibility and the necessary hardness. If you love anal sex, you’ll love the Bootie butt plug by Fun Factory! As soon as you use an anal stopper, remember to use Toy fluid to keep things running smoothly.

For lovers of anal intercourse Eva has more great products on offer, such as exciting anal vibrators or anal chains – here it goes directly to the offers!

Stronger orgasms

Some women seem to get a stronger and more intense orgasm by slowly hauling the anal loops as orgasm rolls over you.