How Do You Know if a Penis Ring is Suitable for You?

A butt plug with anal plug is suitable for anyone who wants to have an anal butt plug in their anus. This anal butt plug is connected to the cock ring. The penis ring with anal plug stimulates the penis, the anal and the prostate and the same time. Thus the carrier would be twice as much fun.

Is using butt plugs make you gay? Who is not so much on anal intercourse, which can use a soft cock ring with anal plug for double penetration? Because the anal plug does not necessarily have to be led to the own anus, but can also be installed as a second penis when penetrating a passive partner in the lovemaking. This means that both your own penis and the anal plug penetrate into the partner at the same time.

Create dildo cock ring

With soft dildo cock rings it is very easy to put on. Take both hands, pull the cock ring apart and put it over your penis and over your testicles. Let it go, so that it can sit firmly on the scrotum. Then follow the anal plug of the penis ring. This should be provided at the top with some lubricant. Just push it gently into the anus. After the anus is stretched slightly, the butt plug slides down to the prostate and stays in this position.

With every movement, not only the penis is stimulated, but also the prostate. The cock ring has the additional advantage that the excitement can withstand because he ensures an improved erection quality. You do not need any medications or Viagra. The integrated cock ring takes over this task for you.

A metal cock ring with anal stimulator is more difficult to put on than one made of silicone or rubber. For this the penis should not be excited as when creating a normal cock ring. When penis rings with anal plug first the penis ring is created and then you take care of the anal plug not the other way round because the donning of the penis ring is usually a bit more difficult, pushing the anal plug later is no longer difficult.

Stainless steel cock ring with butt plug

If the penis ring is made of stainless steel, the diameter must fit exactly. He should not sit too tight otherwise you may not be able to remove him. First put the stainless steel penis ring over a penis. Then you push the testicles individually through the ring. If you are aroused in this phase, you can stop and have to wait until the penis is flabby again.

If you have a very small penis, you can also put your testicles through the penis ring and then continue with the penis. Just try it, which is the best option for you. There are also cock rings with anal plug, which are put over the penis only, without the testicles have to be inserted through the ring. This is a good option for beginners. Again, the penis is much harder, but the ejaculation is not delayed because the sperm can flow unhindered through the penis.

Advantages of the combination of penis ring and anal plug

  • Your penis will be particularly hard.
  • Intensifies orgasm as the cum shot is held back longer.
  • Penis looks bigger too.
  • Supports training with penis pumps, because with the penis ring the blood does not flow back so fast back into the body.
  • Sex gets better, because you are twice stimulated both by the penis ring, and by the anal plug.
  • You do not have to combine a cock ring with an anal plug.

The anal plug is connected to the penis ring. As a result, he sits very firmly and does not slip unintentionally deeper into the anus. An anal plug is a kind of dildo, which is suitable for the stimulation of the anus because of its conical shape. Butt plugs have two different ends. One end is conically rounded so that the butt plug can be easily inserted. The other end is designed as a kind of stopper designed to prevent the butt plug from slipping deeper into and out during use. Anal plugs can be used to stimulate or prepare for anal intercourse. Special lubricant facilitates insertion. Both women and men use the anal plug. In men, the sex toy can also stimulate the prostate and thus provide intense feelings of pleasure. Anal plugs come in different colors, Shapes and sizes. The toys are offered with vibration and without vibration. Hardly any region of the body is so heavily crossed with nerve endings as the anus. For this reason, anal play with the anal plug is enjoyed by both men and women with a lot of relaxation.

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Suitable anal plug for all experiences

All offered anal plugs are easy and uncomplicated to clean and disinfect, so that they can be used permanently for common or lonely games. Experts also pay special attention to excellent quality. Dangerous plasticizers, which are often used in cheap sex toys, cannot be found on offer. In the shop you will find a rich selection of toys made of high quality stainless steel, which are made for anal games like. For example, the Butt plugs can be offered in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and weight classes. Thus, all experience levels can be easily combined harmoniously.

Discover new limits with the anal plug

If you are more into stretching games, then you should take a closer look at the anal plug for anal stretching. The charming by their attractive shapes and often enormous diameters and provide the perfect pleasure. Just grab it and click through the rich assortment of exciting anal toys. For you or you will certainly find the right toy. This is what distinguishes the anal plugs:

  • Excellent workmanship and smooth surfaces
  • Contain no dangerous plasticizers
  • Great choice for beginners and professionals alike
  • Wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Enjoy the huge selection of anal plugs for every taste

Be open to new things and you will have a lot of fun with these anal plugs. Did you make the large selection curious? Would you like to try out such anal plugs alone or together with your partner or partner? No problem. Simple and discreet order and in no time your butt plug will be delivered to you. For anal games, lubricants are always a good choice. These can also be found at online shops in the best quality. Have fun with the butt plug.