How Prostate Size Affects Your Health

We want to show you which techniques are best for prostate milking, and why you actually know about how to reduce your prostate size. In the SM scene, the topic is becoming increasingly popular and you can always find and read more about it. But what is prostate milking? We show it to you and above all we explain to you how best to proceed if you want to milk the gonad. Forced evictions are also directly related; here one is seeded by a domina under certain circumstances without getting an erection at all. The activities mentioned above are also done using chastity cages that are not scams.

First of all, some important facts about the function and anatomy of the prostate:

The prostate is a gland and it produces a part of the sperm. In the ejaculation, she releases her secretion and this mixes with the rest of the semen. The proportion of semen that was produced in the same is about 30%.

The prostate gland is to be felt through the anus. Doctors take advantage of this during preventive examinations, as the gland can be examined for illnesses by palpation. But also for sexual stimulation, the prostate is directly stimulated by massages. Many men like that feeling.

The gland can be found by touching the anus. One sticks a finger in the anus and after 7-10 cm in the inside of the Po’s one finds a slight sublimity to the side of the belly space.

One of the most sensitive organs in the male body is the prostate. No wonder that a simulation is so inspiring for many.

Why Milk Prostate?

When it comes to prostate gland milking, then it’s basically nothing more than a prostate massage. Of course, milking is very reminiscent of milking cows, but that’s exactly how it is. Massages and pressure on the prostate, just like the udder milking, is massaged until the fluid comes out. For the cow, it is the milk, and the man of the seed. The seminal fluid occurs very slowly, drop by drop from the penis, quite unlike the orgasm, if you get one down. The prostate milking is not as easy as it sounds and requires practice and tact. This is the reason why you should either win your own partner for it, or seek a dominant sex girlfriend for this “job”.

The prostate milking is about two things:

The massage of the prostate allows one to savor the pleasure immensely. The actual ejaculation can be delayed and you can get a really long and hot orgasm. This orgasm is not over in a few seconds, but persists for a long time. The corresponding area in the buttocks will be massaged directly, either with a finger or with a toy or vibrator, creating a tremendous amount of pressure. You express the sperm drop by drop and there is simply no comparable cool feeling. It is a prostate orgasm that is much more satisfying for many men than a normal orgasm.

The prostate massage is also used in the forced withdrawal. This is a practice that is mainly used in the SM and fetish scene. It’s about slimming down a slave. Why, how and to what extent the mistress does this is always different. Many mistresses use their slaves as sex slaves. Excessive forced sÈance ration, and perhaps even hours, is like torture. Many Dominas let their slaves cum shot, and then they are not until furthered seeded.

This is the best technique for prostate licking

Of course it is the hottest when a woman massages the prostate gland. But you can also massage the prostate without any problems and thereby gain a completely new experience. It does not matter if you do it yourself, if the woman does hand or you get forced by a mistress, here is the best technique for milking the prostate.

First, one should first be aware of where the prostate gland is anatomically located. It is best if the man was previously in the toilet and the intestine was emptied. A lot of lube makes things a lot easier; it just slides a lot better. The best position for the man: in the quadruped stand, or on the side with knees bent. Now it says the prostate search begins. She is about 8 cm in the butt to the belly. You feel something semi-circular, flexible like a ball and about the size of a walnut.

Now you should massage her with your finger. Circles move up and down and always exert a slight pressure. You massage them just as you would rub someone’s back. You notice how the prostate swells up and start to vibrate. Use a prostate stimulator for the prostate massage.

Of course you can also massage the prostate by using a prostate stimulator. This is specially shaped so that it perfectly finds the G point of the man. If you do not have a suitable woman to take you to seventh heaven with a prostate massage, you can also use the prostate stimulator yourself. With a sex toy you can walk much better , so just give it a try. You can also order the sex toys anonymously on the Internet. At Amazon, for example, there are also such sex toys, and you can be sure that they will be sent discreetly packaged.

Experience a prostate massage with your partner

Some men are fortunate enough to have an open and experimental girlfriend. Of course it is especially cool if you get a prostate massage during the fucking. You can fuck the woman and at the same time the lady can stick her finger in the butt and milk. Often it is also made so that you off the prostate before fucking.

You already have a horny dry orgasm and then can fuck much longer. If you do not have a suitable partner then you have two options: Either you do it yourself or you are looking for contacts for anal sex . The women who are into anal sex are also often having fun when it comes to putting a finger in your butt. You can also have fun and ladies who spontaneously date with you on a sex get together, like to try out such things.

If you are rather submissive and looking for a mistress, who also forcibly siphoned off, then you can find here also suitable fetish partners. Many Dominas regularly make forced evictions with their slaves. Some use to facilitate the chastely held slaves, others in turn use it as torture and seed so long and much until you just cannot stand it anymore.

Use the strap-on to stimulate the prostate


To let fuck with the Strap-On is of course also a very cool thing. Anyone who has ever had anal sex knows how intense this feeling is. Alone by the anal stimulation you can get really hot orgasms. But it is also possible to fuck with the strap on the G point of the man?

Due to the many nerves in this area, anal sex is in itself satisfying and it brings a whole new feeling of sex. That’s why men also find it so hot when women fuck her with the strap-on. Unfortunately, one has as a woman pretty little feeling. It’s just a plastic dick that you have strapped on and with that you cannot feel where the prostate is.

By chance, the strap-on could be hit on the prostate, but this is unlikely. With the finger you just have a lot more feeling and the palpation of the prostate is much easier. Also with the special anal toy it is easier to find the male G point. Unfortunately, the strap on is a bit more difficult.

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