Taking a Tour in Some of the Unusual Sex and Courtship Practices

It’s no secret that men and women of all races and traditions have been kinky for thousands of years. Just think about phallic depictions and big-breasted women on the walls of temples across the globe, and you’ll understand what we’re on about. However, have we become tamer as the years went by? No way!


In the following text, we’ll introduce you to some unusual sex practices that are still a thing in the 21st century. Enjoy!

Sambian Tribe Have to Drink Semen

Our first weird sex practice comes from Papua New Guinea. Namely, when the boys of this tribe turn seven years old, their elders send them off to live in all-male camps. However, we’re not here to talk about male-female segregation, but something else entirely.


Once the boys move to their bachelor camps, their elders begin cleaning them from female contamination by puncturing their skin with piercings. Aside from that, the boys eat lots and lots of sugarcane, resulting in vomiting and having regular nosebleeds. The reason for this is the same — by spilling blood and guts, they clean themselves from anything female inside them. Weird, right? Well, it gets even stranger. Brace yourselves.


Lastly, Sambian kids end up drinking the semen of their elders. Yup, the kids gobble on sperm from their dads, uncles, and grandpas, hoping to become stronger, taller, and overall more masculine.

Mangaian Women Have Sex With Young Boys

This wouldn’t be a list of unusual facts based on sex without pedophilia, wouldn’t it? But, unfortunately, we have to mention it as well. On a small South Pacific island of Magaia, mature women fuck boys when they turn thirteen.


It doesn’t sound that shocking if you fantasize about something like this, but these kids have no choice. It’s a common practice, a ritual of sorts, that has one simple goal — to help these boys understand how intercourse works so that they can better please their future wives. Noble to some extent, but problematic due to a lack of choice.

Rural Austrian Women Feed Armpit-Flavored Apples to Their Suitors

This unusual fact comes to us from Central Europe. In short, Austrians are weird folks. Not only do they wear leather pants and quirky hunting hats, but they also enjoy apples flavored with a dash of armpit sweat. In other words, it’s no wonder they were into Hitler and Nazism, even more than their German cousins, Hans and Helga.


Joking aside, young rural women in Austria put slices of apples under their armpits and dance like that. And once the party’s over, they go over to their future partners and give them these armpit-flavored apple slices, which they end up eating. The gift idea is okay, but why involve sweat and armpit hair?! Jeez, Louise.

Trobriander Girls Engage in Sexual Acts Starting Age 6

By now, it’s pretty evident that tribes in Papua are pretty active in sexual terms. And when it comes to the Trobriander tribe, well, they’re even more strange than others. Namely, kids there begin having sex at a very, very early age — girls from six to eight and boys from ten to twelve. It’s not clear whether their parents tell them to or they simply go for it.


But that’s not all. Having sex at that age is encouraged, but sharing a meal with a partner before you’re married is forbidden. Yup, you can’t have a meal with your future wife or husband if you tie the knot. Maybe we don’t respect their tradition, but Trobrianders sure could benefit from a sexual revolution.

The Wife-Stealing Festival of Wodaabe Tribe

Who would have thought that West Africa is a cuckold paradise? The Wodaabe tribe isn’t just infamous for arranged marriages when kids are barely a couple of years old, but for something else entirely.


In essence, this tribe is all about stealing one another’s wives. When the season comes, they celebrate the Gerewol festival. During the festival, men dress up in quirky clothes, paint their faces, and go on the hunt for new wives. In case they do succeed, the new marriage becomes legal. So, if someone captures your wife, and she likes him, your relationship is over. Sounds great if you’re into hotwives, cucks, and bulls, doesn’t it?

Ancient Greek Men and Their Young Boy Lovers

Although this unusual sexual practice isn’t here anymore, at least that we know of, Ancient Greeks were pretty weird. Therefore, we need to briefly mention them. In short, mature men would have sex with underage boys (mostly teens) in a practice called pederasty. But how did this come about? Moreover, was this socially accepted, or was this something men would do under the radar? Let’s find out.


In short, this really was socially accepted back in the Archaic and Classical periods of Ancient Greece. It was even fondly thought of, with people calling it the principle model for citizen relationships. Some debate it was part of military life and an initiation ritual.


Nevertheless, the term “pederasty” doesn’t mean the same thing as it did centuries ago. In English, this means sexual abuse towards children, although this weird practice was all about consent back then. Either way, the remains of pederasty can be seen in artistic nudity and athletically built male bodies from that period.

Love Huts From Kreung Tribe for Their Teenage Girls

Although most of us think about Pol Pot and wartime Cambodia, there’s much more to them when you explore different rural tribes. The one we’re interested in the most here is the Kreung one that lives in Ratanakiri Province. The unusual fact that makes them so special is that parents build love huts for their teen daughters where they can have sex.


Inside these love huts, teen girls have sex with as many boys as they like until they find the right one. Yup, the one they’ll spend the rest of their life with. Talk about being free to have all the fun in the world under the roof of your parents. For some, this seems like the best possible life — tons of sex, no judgment, and complete parent approval.