Things to Consider When Choosing Anal Vibrators for your Partner

Choosing the best anal vibrators can often be complicated considering the different materials, sizes, shapes and functions a vibrator can have. Whether it’s the choice of the first vibrator or adding a new vibrator to your collection, here you can find the guide for choosing the right vibrator.

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How to choose a good erotic toy: Buyer’s Guide

There is no need to expect to install routine in intimate couple life to diversify your experiences. Leaving aside the inhibitions, you will discover a variety of erotic toys designed to give you pleasure, whether you are with your partner alone. Some people have reservations about trying out such articles, but a universal rule that does not hurt to keep in mind is: you cannot say you do not like it if you never tried it! In addition, the generous offer of models ensures that you will find products to your liking. Read on to learn more, including where to find erotic toys at a good price, others.

Type and Purpose: It is really a difficult task to make a classification of the many existing products in the profile stores. Although not categorical, a first distinction will be made between erotic toys for the couple, for her or for him. In terms of two-in-one toys, the most popular are vibrators and vibratory stimulation rings for penis; the vibrating eye, which is controlled by the remote control and stimulates different areas; strap on with or without straps, which is practically a dildo for the weekend that is worn by a woman.

There are also sets of bondage, masks, cats, erotic massage accessories and teasing, paddles, for spanking. Of course the list will include sexy lingerie including edible, but also board games or card games, with sexy challenges for the two partners, which start the atmosphere.

Continuing, there are erotic toys for women, such as the different dildos or vibrator models realistic or fanciful, very popular being the vibrator-rabbit, which stimulates both internally, and externally; vaginal and anal balls, nipple clamps and breast pumps, or vaginal pumps that suck the vulva, stimulating and enhancing sensations. And why not, the inflatable male dolls can also be mentioned.

Erotic toys for men are as numerous, very popular are prostate stimulators with or without vibration, masturbators or artificial virginals that mimic anatomically the shape and texture of the vagina, penis pumps or penis extensions, inflatable dolls, balls or plugs Ass. As we can see, many of these toys can be used in both couple and individual, both women and men such as vibrating eggs, balls and anal plugs.

Another classification may be based on the level of experience – not because some products ask for a great deal of skill, but because it is only natural that those who want to experiment for the first time can be overwhelmed by some models, as show some opinions about the best erotic toys. That’s why even manufacturers mention some “beginners” or “advanced play” products. Among the most “harmless” and exciting products can be mentioned vibrating penis rings, vibrating eggs, butterfly (a small vibrator), vaginal balls and bondage sets, massage, but also games in 2.

Last but not least, a third useful classification will be based on the area that is stimulated: there are toys with vaginal stimulation, clitoridian, G point (in women) and point P (in males), anal. There are also dual stimulation models, for example intra-vaginal and clitoral, or vaginal and anal. Some belt straps on without straps (or belts) have 2 ends, allowing simultaneous penetration of both partners.

Operation: From the simplest dildos or vaginal or anal balls to the most complicated vibrators or masturbators, the mechanism can include vibrations or not. More complex products even have different components that offer more speeds and more types of movements in different directions (right-left, back and forth) or adjustable suction power (for pumps). The best erotic toy will have the least ability to adjust vibration intensity (if you do not choose a product without this feature).

There are also remote control toys to allow you to adjust the settings you want from a distance (very useful, for example, in the case of vibrating eggs, because you can change vibrations without removing them). There are even wired and wireless products for complete freedom of movement.

Appearance, size and shape: Of course, a criterion that will interest you is the look, shape and even the color of a toy. After all, its purpose is to create your pleasure, so it would be a good idea to enjoy the way it looks, without inhibiting it.

Dimensions are even more important, whether we are talking about a dildo or a great vibrator ordered online, whether we are talking about balls, anal plug or masturbator. The sizes vary and you choose from mini to maxi models to suit your tastes.

There are some inflatable dildos that can be inflated as much as the user wants. Check also the shape, especially for dildos: there are some with prominent and rounded head considerably and a base that mimics the testicles, there are even spiral or hand-shaped patterns.

Materials: These are also varied: PVC, vinyl, silicone, jelly, rubber, glass. Important are two aspects: their resistance to use and the tolerance you display on the material. For example, some people may be hypersensitive to rubber.

Highly appreciated are Nature Skin or Love Clone, which mimics the skin so that it produces natural sensations (there are vibrators so realistic that they also show striations). Regarding this criterion, it is very important to find out if the toy is water resistant or not especially if you want to use it in the bathroom and how it is maintained and cleaned with special solutions with water.

Accessories: What you should not miss most of the time, whether you are experiencing in 2 or alone, is the lubricant. But there are other products that can attract you, for example, sexual stimulants in the form of gels, massage oils, perfumes with pheromones (intensifying attraction and desire), and scented candles, all with a formula based on aphrodisiac extracts. Some creams or gels intensify the sensations; some also have the role of prolonging and strengthening the erection.

Because hygiene is essential, manufacturers also offer gels or special cleaning sprays. Last but not least, let’s not forget about safety: enjoy what erotic toys you like, but when you have a partner, do not forget about condoms if you do not use other specific protective means.

The next question would be: Where are erotic toys found at good prices? Online stores have considerable advantages: saving time, money, diversified offers, discretion, often free of charge. That’s why we recommend reviewing the range of products on our shopping sites.