Why are butt plugs trending now?

A few decades ago, anal play used to be a huge taboo. Recently, we’ve become more open-minded and sexually liberated. Facials, deepthroating, hardcore anal sex, and similar kinks have made their way into the mainstream. They have become everyday activities in the sex lives of tons of younger and older people. So, where do butt plugs fit in? Why are butt plugs trending right now? 

Check out our answers to some of the most popular questions about butt plugs! We’ll show you why you should consider popping one of these naughty anal sex toys inside your booty!

Reasons behind the use of butt plugs 

Firstly, anal plugs work as intended: they plug your asshole to give you pleasure. They stimulate the sensitive nerves in and around the whole area. What’s more, any person who has an anus can use them for pleasure regardless of sexual orientation, genitalia, or gender! But let’s plunge deeper into the world of buttplugs and show you why they are such a popular phenomenon! 


Basically, butt plugs exert a special type of pressure inside your anus. Anyone can use them to have glorious anal orgasms. Yup, anal orgasms are a thing, and they feel so good! 

During anal stimulation, the pressure triggers the anal nerve endings, which are actually quite similar to those found inside the female vagina. If you use a butt plug to stimulate them correctly, you’ll get a shot at some of the most powerful anal orgasms of your life! 

For women and people with vaginas, plugs stimulate the G-spot and the vaginal walls indirectly. When combined with vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation, plugs can provide thunderous blended orgasms and even lead to squirting. For folks with penises, plugs can directly target the prostate. That way, they can provide enhanced P-spot orgasms followed by more intense and much more voluminous ejaculations. 


Picture this: Your partner surprises you one day by wearing a jeweled butt plug decorated with the words “Daddy’s property.” What would you do? Anal plugs and butt play provide a world of kinky fun! You can use them to fulfill your or your partner’s fantasies and improve your sex life. 

Some examples include submissive play, anal training, or even wearing them in public. They are also fantastic for simulated double penetration. Then, there’s roleplay, petplay with tail butt plugs, BDSM, orgasm teasing/denial, and much more! 


Butt plugs are also essential for anal prep and stretching. They can gradually stretch you out to make anal penetration feel incredibly pleasurable. After a while, they could train you for bigger things such as cocks or larger dildos. Plus, some people really love the intense stretching sensations. If you enjoy anal stretching, plugs can prepare you for gaping or even fisting. 

Are butt plugs safe? 

Butt plugs should be 100% safe if you know what you’re doing. That requires you to take it slow and focus on some safety precautions. 

Primarily, fingering, plugs, and other butt toys always require lube. The anus is dry, and it needs artificial lubrication. Without it, a plug could produce a lot of friction, along with minor internal injuries or tears. Additionally, you also need to disinfect your plugs before and after each use. The same goes for your booty. Obviously, you have to get rid of any poop since it’s unhygienic and it can cause infections.

What types are there? 

Butt plugs are available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. They are made of body-safe materials such as silicone, stainless steel, or glass. Most plugs have a cone or teardrop shape. They also have a flared base. This acts as a barrier and prevents the toy from getting stuck. 

Aside from standard plugs, you’ll find a wide range of other types. That includes textured, hollow, inflatable, fetish, vibrating butt plugs, etc. Each has a unique feature that improves sex or masturbation even further. For instance, princess butt plugs are cute stainless steel models that have a jewel on the other end. To give you more ideas on what princess butt plugs look like, click https://lovegasm.co/collections/butt-plug-princess.  You can slide one inside your submissive partner and make them feel precious. Then, you can try all sorts of domination/training fantasies and corrupt your princess’ innocence! 

What should beginners buy?

If you’re an anal newbie, you should go with something flexible, small, and compact. Here are some additional tips: 

  • Start with a small plug or even a set of anal beads to get your anus accustomed to the sensations. 
  • Don’t let your eyes fool you! Large and wide plugs could ruin the experience for total beginners.
  • Buy a safe lubricant for your toy. Some toy materials can get damaged if you use incompatible lube. For example, silicone lube can ruin silicone butt plugs. Choose water-based lube instead.
  • Consider the weight. If you prefer to feel more pressure, get a steel or glass plug. Silicone plugs are lighter, and they exert a different kind of pressure. 
  • If you love temperature play, get a small steel plug. It will feel cool when you push it in but will quickly get warm.
  • Avoid porous materials like jelly or TPE. They can absorb bacteria. This causes them to deteriorate quickly and even poses health concerns.
  • If you want to try various sizes, an anal training kit with several different plugs will be the best option.

How do you use it? 

If you want to lose your butt plug virginity in a safe and fun way, follow these steps for insertion and removal: 

  • Empty your bowels and clean your booty. Take a hot bath to keep you clean and relaxed. 
  • Get massively turned on before you use the plug. You can masturbate, watch porn, receive oral sex from your partner, etc. 
  • Play with your asshole to relieve some of the tightness. For example, tease it with your fingers or get your partner to eat out your booty.
  • Apply a generous amount of lube around your butt. Also, spread it over the tip of the plug. 
  • Gently slide the tip inside your anus and increase the pressure to push it in fully. 
  • If it feels uncomfortable, slow down or stop. Apply more lube or try a different position/angle. 
  • If the plug still feels too big, you could try to stretch your asshole with your finger. Alternatively, get a smaller butt plug. 
  • Once it’s in there nice and deep, carry on with your regular sexual activities, and you’ll quickly reach one of the most epic orgasms in your life!
  • During removal, use more lube to make it come out easier. 
  • Finally, clean and store the plug according to the instructions from the manufacturer. 

It’s time to stretch that booty! 

In the end, we can talk about butt plugs for days, but the only way to experience their greatness is to try one on your own! So order a butt plug today and have fun!